Welcome to the website of Providence Dane. We are a full service debt collection company dedicated to the effective, fair and professional collection of debts in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.   We harness every available means of technology and innovation to optimize our process of debt collection.

How we measure our success:
 Fairness to those who owe debts,
 Compliance with the law, and 
Efficiency as a debt collection company.
Business owners
Contact us if your business needs to place more firepower on your accounts receivable in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC.  Please navigate through our website to learn more about our quality debt collection company and how our debt collection services will benefit you.

If you live in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC and are visiting our website because you owe a debt, thank you very much for your time and we look forward to working with you.  Please note, we are a debt collection company attempting to collect debts and any information we obtain from you could be used as part of our debt collection efforts.

Please contact us by email, phone at (866) 540-4656, or through the information below.  We look forward to hearing from you.